Boosting an Aging Immune System

Boosting an Aging Immune System

The body’s immune system is a remarkable mechanism consisting of intricate biological processes that protect people against foreign invaders. Cells, tissues and organs work in unison to defend against unwanted bacteria, virus, parasites and fungi.

Age and the Immune System
Like any system, the more wear and tear, the more susceptible it becomes to breaking down. In the elderly, this accounts for the following changes.

If this sounds like a war, in many ways it is. If the victor is the immune system, people are unaware that their body has just encountered and defeated a foreign invader. If the immune system is not successful, disease, from the common cold to cancer, results.

Beefing up the Immune System
As a family caregiver, doing all you can to help your aging parent support their immune system is vital to their well-being. Fortunately, the immune system is resilient and a little bit of support goes a long way in helping it do its job of protecting the human body.


Posted April 27th, 2017